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First Commercial Firefighting Robot Sold in the U.S.


Thermite robotic firefighters are one of the most capable, durable firefighting robots on the market. Designed to mitigate life-threatening situations, these tools provide fire suppression, situational awareness and intelligence gathering to first responders. Operated by remote belly-pack controllers, users are provided a real-time video feed allowing them to traverse hazardous terrain and push obstacles from their path while withstanding extreme elements. Thermite robotic firefighters are critical to have on your side in high risk, dangerous environments.


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    Thermite® RS1
    Thermite® RS3
Thermite® RS1
Thermite® RS3

Unsurpassed Mobility with Maximum Standoff

Versatility and strength define the Thermite RS1. Leveraging its unsurpassed mobility and agility, the Thermite RS1 easily maneuvers through tight areas while providing operators with situational awareness through video feedback on its remote belly-pack controller. Once positioned, the RS1 has the capability to output 1,250 gpm at 200 psi - gaining every advantage against the fire.

Thermite RS1

Capable of outputting 2,500 gpm flow rate

With a high output of 2,500 gallons per minute, the Thermite RS3 has the power to fight your battles. The RS3's modular design and wider stance allow operators to incorporate additional equipment, including a plow assembly, foam tank and positive pressure ventilation (PPV) ventilator. With strength to push vehicles from its path and pull up to 8,000 lb, the RS3 has you covered in any situation.

Thermite RS3

Our optional attachments allow users to customize their Thermite RS3 to meet their multi-mission capability needs. Below are the current RS3 attachment options:

  • Plow assembly
  • Positive pressure ventilation (PPV) ventilator
  • Compressed air foam (CAF) system
  • Foam tank



Thermite® RS1

Thermite® RS3


1,250 gpm

2,500 gpm


77.25 in

120 in


44 in

65.6 in


64 in

64.5 in


1,600 lb

3,500* depending on attachments


24 HP Kohler KDW1003

36.8 HP Yanmar 3TNV88C


5,000 lb

8,000 lb


300-500 m

300-500 m


6 mph

8 mph

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