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Thermite® RS1 at TEEX

October 18, 2023

Each year, emergency responders from across the globe choose to receive their fire training and instruction at Texas A&M Engineering and Extension Service (TEEX), an internationally recognized leader in emergency response training, workforce training and technical assistance. We are proud to support TEEX and its essential training services with our Thermite® firefighting robots.

In an effort to include new and emerging technologies to training services, we have provided TEEX with the Thermite RS1 and RS3 platforms, allowing first responders to train with our state-of-the-art firefighting robots. Both platforms have since been used by real firefighters in defensive fire positions, as a tool to push debris out of harm’s way, as a hose line delivery platform, and much more.

The use of our Thermite family of products at TEEX ensures first responders are aware of all the ways our firefighting robots can mitigate the more tedious or arduous tasks during large structure fires. While one person is operating the robot and taking care of the heavy lifting, others can calmly assess the status of a fire and how to best approach it without multi-tasking, which leads to safer firefighting operations and keeps first responders out of harm’s way. Clear intelligence on how to combat a fire is essential, and our Thermite platform allows the boots on the ground the ability to calmly assess the situation and operate at a high-level of effectiveness.

For those willing to take on the next step in firefighting technology, TEEX offers first responders the opportunity to learn and provide valuable feedback to our team, which they’re able to take back and use to make continuous improvements on our firefighting robots. Our collaboration with TEEX has been crucial in training first responders to use the Thermite safely and effectively and has been an essential part of our work up to this point.

See the latest pictures of the Thermite RS1 at TEEX below!